Your Home Team

Nobody knows sports in your hometown like us.
That's because we're the sports retailers in your own backyard.

Our 15 stores, spread throughout small-town New Zealand, all care about just one thing: providing top-quality sports gear with first-class customer service at highly-competitive prices.
Our people understand sports. Not only that, we understand sports in your region. We've got local knowledge because, well, we're local folk. Our stores are owned, operated and staffed by sports-fanatics from your hometown. The ideal fishing tackle for local conditions, uniform requirements for your community rugby club, the best nearby running tracks—if it's sport and it's local, we know all about it. And each store's product range is hand-picked to meet the needs of its own unique sporting community.
Like any great team, we recognise that experience matters. And we've got plenty. We've been providing Kiwi communities with excellent sporting products and superior customer service since 1978.
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