Footwear + Apparel

Gone are the days when "sportswear" meant a random t-shirt and old sneakers. Today's athletic
footwear and apparel combine exceptional performance, comfort and fashion.
A lot goes into choosing the right shoes or clothing: your sport, level, budget and taste. So it's just as well our staff are clued-up about our range and are only too happy to help you pick the shoes or garment that suits you best. We stock leading brands:*

  • Asics
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Brooks
  • New Balance
We serve teams, as well as individuals. If you're outfitting a team, don't hesitate to request a quote for funding purposes.

What's your game? Regardless of whether it's for going for a run, hitting the gym, playing squash or stepping onto the rugby field, we stock the right gear for you. And, if by some chance we don't have the product you're after, we'll do our darndest to order it in for you.

We'll have you feeling, performing and looking great—high-performance apparel at highly-competitive prices.

*Some shoe brands may be unavailable at some stores