about us

In a time when service is increasingly delivered via a faceless website, real people are still
helping customers find exactly what they want. Its experience mixed with a good measure of
expertise and knowledge. Three team members not only have expertise in sports goods, but
also the local knowledge to help customers make the most of their sports and recreational

Sportsworld has a wide selection of Sporting goods, from clothing, shoes and bags to
racquets, bats, balls, and backyard games. It also has sophisticated fishing gear, such as
Kontiki and Sea Horse fishing aids with GPS tracking. Hunting is catered for with rifles, air
rifles, ammunition etc. Our store is the local stockist of all modelling equipment such as
balsa for plane modelling, die-cast model cars, kitset trains, landscaping aspects and paints.

our team

Gerald de Castro, began work straight out of school in the old Palmers sports shop in Levin over 50 years ago. Gerald has a passion for fishing, rugby and cricket. That means when a customer comes in for a fishing rod, for example, Gerald can advise about the best local spots to catch the best fish.

Sue Wilks, has lived in Levin for the majority of her life, which like Gerald gives her wide local knowledge. She has more than 13 years of experience in the Sportsworld store. Sue has previously trained as a St John Ambulance Officer and is much sought out by the public for her knowledge of footwear, sports apparel and medical support.

Richard, recently has taken over the business after working for over 30 years in the automotive industry. He is a keen sportsman and active in the Levin amateur football club. Richard enjoys hunting, fishing and all outdoor sports.

Hannah, enjoys being a part of the Levin community by volunteering as a Fire Fighter and Surf Life Saver. She also plays and has a wide interest of sports including soccer, netball, roller derby. Hannah has good knowledge of various sports and can advise information on sporting interests and sports equipment.

Mariae, works in and out of our store, to assist partner Richard in running Sportsworld Levin.

Eliana, is in store on occasion as our casual staff member.

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