Schools and Clubs: 100% Committed to Local Sports

Sportsworld stores are owned and operated by people in your town. And because we're a part of your community, we care deeply about community sports. We're proud to have a long tradition of serving local schools and clubs—a tradition we're dedicated to maintaining.

Cheering for Your Schools

School sports are such a vital part of a child's education, yet funding for sports and P.E. is usually limited. We understand that, which is why we'll bend over backwards to get you the best possible deal on your sporting equipment.

Why not get in touch with us? Contact your local Sportsworld or Head Office to discuss how we can partner together with your school to ensure that your student body is the winner on the day.

Backing Your Clubs

We foster relationships with local sports clubs that are win-win. Your club supports our
business because our business supports your club! And this mutually-beneficial approach
enables us to offer significant benefits to your club.

Ask us about our Special Club Discount. Contact your local Sportsworld staff or our national staff to
discuss this and other ways we can help your club flourish.